Sound Diagnostics
brings mobile diagnostic
ultrasound and neurological
testing to your office.

We maintain strict
procedure protocols and
interpretation guidelines
while allowing your
patients a comfortable
familiar environment.


Ph: 516-818-7739
Fax: 1-800-450-0316




Frequently Asked Questions

Can physicians other than Specialists bill for the procedures you provide?

For most of the procedures we provide the ability for physicians M.D’s and D.O’s to bill 100% of the procedure. This is also the case with D.P.M’s for physiologic studies (PVR/ABI). We charge a fee for service.

Do insurance plans I participate cover the procedures?

Yes. The majority Insurances pay for the services provided. Some insurance require referral/authorization to be reimbursed.

Do I get paid less for not being a specialist?

No. Normally reimbursements don’t vary for M.D, D.O, & D.P.M. , But reimbursements may be different depending on if the physician is In Network or Out of Network.

Is this legal?

Yes. Medicare Guidelines State that to in order to bill non-invasive vascular studies must be performed under the general supervision of a Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT). We strictly comply with Medicare Rules
and regulations. In 8 years of service we have never had an issue
with Medicare.

If I do not want, or can’t bill for the service are there any other options?

Yes. We can also provide an office space rental agreement. And yes it’s legal. We comply with the Office of Inspector General’s guidelines for office space rental agreements. Please click here - O.I.G. link - for more information on rental space agreements.

How does the quality of exams you provide compare to the diagnostic quality of exams provided by Hospitals and Diagnostic centers?

We adhere to the Society of Vascular Ultrasound Protocols; we utilize the same protocol as major hospital and accredited centers.

How does the scheduling of test dates work?

We typically visit our clients on a set schedule, on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis to perform testing on patients scheduled in advance by
the physician.